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About Gift-Ideas-By-Horoscope

This website is the quintessential of our love.

We are two unique individuals whose life paths crossed in 2006 at internet marketing seminar. Apart from our personal learning journey on internet marketing, we were also on our individual voyage for greater meanings in life, in love, and in work.

Ever since our world collided, we talk much about our dreams, our visions, our hopes, our wishes and ideals. Our interest include: Astrology, Self Development, Yoga & Meditation, Retail Therapy, and (of course) Internet Marketing.

Despite the harsh realities of our differences, we able to understand and accept each other as days go by. We communicate a lot and have gained mutual support for each other’s growth and life purpose. We also take time to crystallize our ideas on how we can build online business based on our passions, interests and hobbies. Hence, the birth of

An Affirmation Of Love is an affirmation of our love to the Universe.

We are united in our mission:

To help you discover more about thyself and your loved ones so that you too can experience greater love, joy and happiness.We think that self-awareness is the key to unleash your fullest potential in life and astrology is a great tool for self-discovery. The increased awareness of your own potential, talents and gifts will invariably lead you to greater self-acceptance and confidence of who you are. Honoring yourself thus gives you the unlimited power to receive and give love and create the happiness and joy that most of us wish to pursue.

Likewise, astrology can also help you to discover more about your loved ones because everyone has unique personality and life purpose to fulfill. Astrological knowledge about your loved ones gives you great opportunity to love them for who they are and support their growth as they embark on their unique life journey. As such, astrology is a good tool to gain deeper understanding and build healthy and loving relationships.

To provide you the convenience of finding the perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones.Buying gifts for your friends and loved ones can be a joy if you know their true personality and what really makes them tick. If you know their birthdays, it is almost like getting a peek into their wish list for gifts without asking them what they would like to receive. The greatest joy is probably seeing how much they appreciate the gifts with genuine smile and happiness on their faces. The dead giveaway is probably how often they use or talk about the gifts they received.

We think that there is a myriad of interesting gifts available on the internet. Online shopping is indeed a convenient way to buy things which are not readily or easily accessible within your physical reach, but it can be time-consuming to browse for interesting and unique gifts that will make lasting and memorable gift experiences. In fact, there are too many online shopping stores that you can choose from.

Using astrological insights is a great way to narrow down your options in choosing “perfect” gifts for your friends and loved ones. (At least you will not end up making the common mistake of buying gifts that you would like to receive yourself!)


I am a Capricorn and I am fascinated with Astrology.
I started my quest on life’s answer with numerous soul-searching trips between year 2005 to 2007. I read ferociously on self-awareness and self-development books and attended numerous workshops that promise to help me discover who I am.
I am very eager to have a breakthrough understanding about my identity as a whole. I wanted to know who I am and why do I exist.
Embarking on inner quest was very challenging because I have constant flashback of all my past experiences. Some of them were very painful and were deeply buried within me; some of them brought smiles to my face till date; others were great lessons that I have had forgotten to count them as blessings.
A strange shift happened after I started to explore astrology using my personal birth chart. Studying my birth chart is like learning how to read the legends on the secret map for my life’s journey on planet Earth.
In retrospect, I have had gained deeper understanding on why certain things and events happened in my life, which I thought was part of my fate. Little did I know I have much free will to make healthy choices in creating my own dreams. These days, I feel peace with myself because I can understand myself, the people around me and life lessons with greater clarity.
Early this year, I quitted my full-time job as Marketing Manager with an well-established MNC bank to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams and life purpose. I have no idea if I will become a professional astrologer one day to help others with their awakening process. As of now, I would like to see myself as a student of Astrology because I am constantly intrigued by the subject and how it can be applied to our daily affairs on planet Earth.

My heart tells me the time has come to start sharing my knowledge and experience with people who wish to embark on their personal quest for greater love and inner wisdom.
I thank you in advance for supporting my work through and may love, peace and happiness be with you.

I am a Pisces and I am an avid internet marketer.
I have to confess that I love lifestyle shopping and I enjoy browsing for items that I desire and shopping for gifts. It makes me feel good and excited especially shopping for special events or romantic occasions.
But I have a personal condition that makes my shopping experiences very unbearable and uncomfortable.
I suffer from facial excessive sweating, stimulated by slight increase in temperature and humidity. The intense sweating can be socially embarrassing when I hop from mall to mall to look for my shopping items.
In 2001, I learnt about Yahoo and Ebay shopping. Since then, I take great pleasure in buying online (and selling) on Yahoo and Ebay. I am a big fan of fashion, electronic gadgets, sports, home decor, books, new age, and beauty and wellness products.
Along the way, I discover that there are so many interesting website that offer amazing and unique items that are available only online. I like the fact that I can see as many or few product items on the website as I wish without having to be served by sales assistants. Details and specifications information are readily available and I can shop and browse anytime and anywhere, all at my own comfort level! Most of the time, the ordered items are delivered at miraculously fast speed too.
No sweat for online shopping! I am totally hooked to it. I am like the fish that have snapped out of the downward spiral of discontent and found my new upward spiral of joy in the big ocean of products and services.
Partnering with Celeste is a great joy because both of us are expanding our astrological knowledge together and internet is a platform that allows us to unleash our passion for astrology and share our hobby for retail therapy!
My path as internet marketer is to help to support your online shopping experience for gifts based on astrological wisdom. All the gift recommendations are handpicked by us and may you find the perfect gifts with much ease and convenience.